About Us

ITsManaged was established in 2001, in offices in Mulgrave at the ex BHP research centre, before moving to Moorabbin in 2006.

Moorabbin has lots of space, and enabled us to build a high security, environmentally controlled server room reducing our dependence on third parties for provision of server rack space and high speed connectivity that was secure to our standards.

The idea of managed services based on Open Source software originally came from a service delivery model used by our former employer; eSec Limited - an IT Security Company in Flemington Victoria.

This "Managed Service / Open Source" business model rested on the fact that alternatives to expensive and sometimes inferior proprietary systems exist and are more than up to the job.

ITsManaged extended and refined this basic idea. It is the perfect model for small business and not for profit organisations where waste cannot be tolerated.

So with this model in mind, here we are a decade later, with an incredible arsenal of automation, systems, facilities and services to deliver full, corporate scale IT solutions & services without the overheads of staff or large capital outlays. Our facilities include Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Security, Automated Maintenance and Service provision from a team of dedicated, skilled and small business savvy technical and sales staff. And ofcourse we have clients that have been with us for a long time.