Improving your bottom line, improve IT bang for buck.

Today Information Technology provides many, many options to achieve the same outcome. Unfortunately, many of these options are not marketted and therefore shielded from view.

Common, well publicised options, mistakenly referred to as 'industry standard' can be both expensive and often unnecessary. Not just expensive to purchase, but through programmed obsolesence must later be repurchased. Witness the demise of Windows XP recently. In addition, many of these "Industry Standard" solutions are expensive to maintain and expensive to support and in many situations are a very poor fit. This is one of the reasons why 70% of the Internet is running on Open Source solutions. Unfortunately,  common solutions are well marketted and highly visible and result in your organisations valuable funding going to the coffers of multinationals. Switching to lower cost, better fit technology enhances your organisations competitiveness, both through cost savings and solutions that are a better 'fit for purpose'.

When you partner with ITsManaged you will discover there are many ways to reduce your technology costs and significantly enhance your organisations IT  capabilities. This is what we do - help organisations find, implement and support the best fit for purpose solutions - it's what we've been doing it for over a decade:

  • Well designed, reliable and proven servers and devices
  • Hardware re-purposing - re-use older hardware
  • Cost effective communications facilities
  • Low risk, high return support and administration services
  • Source, installation and training of world leading open source software - like Firefox, Ubuntu and Libreoffice
  • Cost effective local and wide area networks, exceptional ISP plans
  • Data backup, recovery and systems security and monitoring
  • Mobile technology solutions with sensational voice and data plans. 
When you are ready to leave the herd and want to tap into exceptional value, robust and reliable technology, such as open source software, unbranded supremely designed hardware and intelligent, cost effective services offers - talk to us.

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